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What’s On My Nails – Nars Space Odyssey for New Year’s Eve

I am all about themed nails, so of course I wanted to break out some sparkle for New Year’s Eve! I’m wearing Nars Space Odyssey, a silver shimmery colour (thanks Alina!) topped off with Seche Vite.


I was worried the polish wouldn’t be opaque and might be better as a glitter topcoat, but it was opaque after three coats. Since the polish is made up of a fine shimmer, I think it would also work well as a top coat! I’ve never tried a Nars polish before, but I really liked it. The polish applied smoothly and the brush was a good size. The finish of the polish is a super shiny, metallic silver – it almost looks like a micro-glitter, but the texture is very smooth! Bonus: I now know how to spell odyssey.

Nars Space OdysseyHappy New Year!!

Home Remedy for Dry Scalp feat. Tea Tree Oil

This may be TMI, but during the winter I often struggle with my scalp getting dry and itchy. I’ve used apple cider vinegar mixed with water in a spray bottle in the past, but this winter I’ll be adding tea tree oil to my home remedy as well! Tea tree oil, also called melaleuca oil, is an essential oil derived from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia, a tree native to Australia. Apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil both work to relieve dry scalp by reducing inflammation and cleansing away build up, which can dry out your scalp. Getting rid of build up also helps make your hair a lot softer and shinier, so definitely a win-win!

home remedy for dry scalp

Apothecary Extracts 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil was created when the founders wanted to incorporate essential oils into their lives but were tired of inconsistent quality from the leading brands. As a result, their tea tree oil is 100% undiluted, and without impurities. The bottle also comes with a free eBook that includes over 50 uses for tea tree oil, ranging from skin and hair care to first aid remedies. As the tea tree oil is very concentrated, it is not recommended using it without diluting with a carrier such as water or other oils.

I created my own recipe, and used:

4 parts water
1 part tea tree oil
1 part apple cider vinegar

I added the ingredients to a mini spray bottle, and sprayed mostly on my roots and scalp, about five minutes before hopping in the shower. I then shampooed and conditioned as normal. Both the apple cider vinegar and the tea tree oil are very strong smelling, but I promise you can’t smell anything once your hair dries. After using, my scalp felt less dry and itchy, and my hair was shinier. I’m definitely planning to start using this recipe every few weeks this winter!

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Marsala-Inspired Makeup

The “colour experts” (how do you get that job?) at Pantone have announced Marsala as the Colour of the Year for 2015, meaning it will be popping up all over the place in beauty, fashion, decor, and just about everything soon. Marsala is a brown-red-purple colour, and definitely lends itself well to fall and winter makeup (2014’s Emerald? Not so much).

Marsala Pantone Color of the Year Inspired makeup

Get ahead of the trend with these Marsala-inspired beauty products I rounded up!

Marsala - Pantone Colour of Year 2015


Marsala – Pantone Colour of Year 2015 by daisyemmalee

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Review

Last weekend while in NYC for a bachelorette party, my friends and I stopped by the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in SoHo to design and make our own lipsticks. We booked an appointment ahead of time, which I definitely recommend doing if you’re planning on going as they get very busy and booked up. They were pretty annoyed that we only made the appointment for 5 people but actually had 6 people.

Bite Beauty Lip Lap Review Visit

The store itself was a lot smaller than I was expecting, but they have space to see about 3 people at the same time. You start off by explaining to one of the “Lip Lab Artists” what kind of colour and brightness you’re looking for, and the finish (the choices are crème, matte, sheer, and deluxe). They then mix a few pigments on a plastic sheet, and let you try on the colour. You can then give them feedback and they will adjust the colours until they get exactly what you’re looking for. I wanted a really bright, fuschia pink and I love how my lipstick colour turned out. Then you pick a scent/flavour to add from the choices of cherry, mint, citrus, vanilla, mango, violet, and superfruit, which you can mix and match. I chose vanilla! The store employees were not super friendly, but they were helpful and listened closely to what everyone was looking for, and let us squeeze in the extra person.

Bite Beauty Lip Lap Review VisitBite Beauty Lip Lap Review Visit

The lipsticks take a little while to set in the molds (their website says 10 minutes), so we left for about half an hour to browse the Birchbox store that’s just down the street.

Bite Beauty Lip Lap Review Visit

Here we are wearing the lipsticks we created! My lipstick is exactly the colour I was looking for, and the matte formula is very long lasting, though not very matte. It was definitely a fun experience and the perfect daytime bachelorette activity for a group of beauty lovers.

Bite Beauty Lip Lap Review Visit 4


Smashbox Full Exposure Palette Review and Swatches

A few weeks ago, I won a Birchbox Customer Appreciation Day contest that included a gift card to spend in their online store! It was pretty exciting, and definitely helped make a very stressful week a LOT better. Cue dorky photo of me with my prizes:

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette Review and Swatches

One of the things I chose with my gift card was the the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette. I’ve heard mixed reviews about it, but I love glittery eye shadow and I wanted to expand my matte eye shadow collection (because of my glitter love), and since it’s half and half, I went for it.

Full Exposure Palette Review and Swatches


The palette includes 6 micro glitter shades, 1 shimmer shade (top middle), and 7 mattes, and has a good mix of warm and cool toned neutral shadows. If you’re looking for subtle shimmer – this palette is definitely not for you. The only shade I probably won’t really use much is the bottom middle shade, which is basically the same colour as my skin. It also comes with a double ended brush which is actually a pretty good brush, unlike most free brushes that come with palettes. The packaging is quite bulky but sturdy enough for traveling (although I would definitely tape it closed – if it opened there would be glitter everywhere…forever).

Full Exposure Palette Review and Swatches

Full Exposure Palette Review and Swatches

Full Exposure Palette Review and Swatches

I must admit I was unsure of this palette at first – especially the glitter shades. I found they didn’t have that much colour payoff and had quite a lot of fallout. All that changed however when I used them wet! When applied wet and pressed onto the lid instead of swiped, these shadows are very pigmented and glittery, and look amazing. I’ve been layering the glitters dry over the matte colours during the day for just a hint of sparkle, and then ramping up the glitter factor on nights out by applying wet. A good primer is definitely necessary for these shadows. The matte colours aren’t chalky, but the darker colours do take a little more effort to blend. I do wish there were maybe a couple more shimmery colours that aren’t full on glitter, but I really like the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette overall!



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