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American Apparel Easy Sweater and OOTD

This is my first (embarrassing) attempt at an outfit of the day post. I picked up the American Apparel Easy Sweater in my last (monthly) American Apparel order, and it is the perfect lightweight, oversized, cozy, fall sweater that, true to its name, is easy to throw on and wear pretty much anywhere. It comes in one size, and on me the fit is perfect. The American Apparel Easy Sweater didn’t catch my eye until I saw it in person in store, as the American Apparel website definitely does not do it justice and it looks pretty boring and unflattering online, when in real life it has a beautiful texture and looks comfy but pulled together.

American Apparel Easy Sweater Review

(No, I still haven’t had my hair cut two months later)

What I’m Wearing

American Apparel Easy SweaterLevi 535 LeggingMadewell Archive Boot, Marc by Marc Jacobs Bubble Watch, Cole Haan SunglassesMichael by Michael Kors Jet Set Crossbody


Fall Clothing Wishlist 2013

Even though it was nearly 90 degrees out today, it’s still October and I’m excited to start wearing fall clothes (if it ever cools down in North Carolina)! I love cozy layers, boots, cardigans, plaid, and all the other cozy casual clothes that are perfect for fall weather. Here is my fall clothing wishlist that I’m sure I will keep adding to in the next few months! Apparently I’m feeling a black and burgundy theme, but what’s new. Stay tuned for a fall makeup wishlist!

Fall Clothing Wishlist 2013
Fall Clothing Wishlist 2013

Thrifting Tips

I went to visit my family in Nashville last weekend, and while there, as usual, went to multiple thrift shops, tag sales, and even an estate sale! I have a theory that there’s two types of people- those that love thrift shops, and those that think they’re gross and would never step foot in them. I love them! You can actually find some great stuff, they satisfy shopping urges without spending a lot of money, it’s fun sorting through some of the ridiculously ugly stuff they have, and it’s one of my favourite ways to spend time with my mum and the rest of my family. I would say that probably at least 40-50% of my wardrobe is thrifted. Last weekend, the best thing I found was definitely a pair of Sam Edelman Felicia ballet flats for $4.99 (original retail price: $110). I also picked up a pair of black sandals, a maxi skirt, a plaid shirt, and some amazing pink cat eye sunglasses.

Thrifting Tips Sam Edelman Felicity ballet flats

I’ve been thrifting forever and definitely consider myself a pro, so i thought I would put together some thrifting tips based on what I’ve learnt over the years! I mostly just clothes shop, so these tips are all based on thrifting for clothes.

Thrifting Tips

1) Don’t just look in your size! Since thrift shops carry clothing from different brands and years, the sizing can be all other the place. I’ve purchased things in multiple sizes at thrift shops.

1) Don’t just look in the women’s section. Check the boy’s and men’s sections, especially for things like plaid shirts, t-shirts, and sweaters. The plaid shirt I picked up last weekend is a size large and from the boy’s section!

3) Don’t look for anything specific, or you’ll just be disappointed. But if you’re short on time or overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff some thrift shops have, it can help to have a general idea in mind of what you’re looking for e.g. dresses or new work clothes.

4) Find out what days the store puts out new stuff on the shelves, and when they have sales.

5) Check very carefully for rips, stains e.t.c., especially along seams and arm pit areas, and that the item isn’t stretched out or pilling. If there is something like missing buttons that is fixable, only get it if you will actually put the effort in to get it fixed, and ask for a discount at checkout.

6) Try things on that you wouldn’t usually pick out or might look kind of weird on the hanger – you never know, it might look really good! If you buy it and never end up wearing it, it only cost $2.

7) Most of the jeans are flared and too light washed, but they make great denim shorts! Follow the first few steps of my DIY ombre shorts tutorial for making jeans into jorts.

8) Look for trends that are coming back again, such as denim jackets, chambray shirts, and maxi and midi skirts. Also look for classic pieces that are always in style! In the same Goodwill trip last time I went home, I found a timeless Calvin Klein blue sheath dress and a trendy denim vest.

9) Check out the bags, shoes, and belts- sometimes you can find high quality leather pieces that are in great condition.

10) If you want to keep you thrift store visit quick, you really don’t need to sort through every item of clothing on the racks. Once you get a feel for thrifting, you can usually just eyeball sections of racks and look at the material, pattern, colour, and overall condition based on what you can see on the hanger on the rack, and just pull out pieces that look like they have potential.

11) Brand name isn’t everything- quality is. Even if you find something from a designer or store you like, make sure the quality and condition is good, and that it’s actually something that you want and would wear. And don’t pass on random brands because you’ve never heard of them!

12) Wear clothes that are easy to change in and out of, since you’re probably going to be trying on a lot of stuff!

NYFW Spring 2014

Every time it’s NYFW, it makes me wish I lived in NYC. Not that I would actually ever be able to go to any of the shows, but it always seems like there’s so much energy and things going on around the city outside the shows. My favourite collection so far this year is definitely Monique Lhuillier’s – especially the gowns, of course. The collection is elegant but still fun and young with bright pops of colour, lace and sparkly details. So pretty.

monique lhuillier

monique lhuillier nyfw

monique lhuillier nyfw

monique lhuillier nyfw

monique lhuillier nyfw


Striped Pencil Skirt

I’ve been searching online for a striped pencil skirt for a while, and I think I’ve found the perfect one! Randomly, it’s from Fossil. There are a ton of striped pencil skirts around at the moment, but I’m really drawn to the Fossil Simone Pencil Striped Skirt. I love the thicker stripes. Of course it’s way too expensive for a skirt I would maybe wear once or twice a month…and so the daily search for Fossil promo codes begins.

Fossil Simone Striped Pencil SkirtFossil Simone Pencil Striped Skirt, $88

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