First Post and July 2013

For my first post (hello!), I thought I would put together a short list of things I am most looking forward to during the rest of July 2013.

1) Working on my brand new blog, especially brainstorming ideas and trying to navigate WordPress. Help?
2) Some alone time while my boyfriend is away on rotations for 4 weeks i.e., unlimited Bravo viewing.
4) Starting a new job as Marketing Coordinator at a gourmet food store on the 29th, and putting my employee discount to good use!
3) Getting my July Birchbox and Glossybox, made even better by the fact they are both free this month! Birchbox due to a box error they made up for before I even got the box, and Glossybox from redeeming review points. Reviews on both to come…
4) Visiting my family in Nashville, TN for a weekend and hitting up the local thrift stores as usual.

It is definitely shaping up to be a busy and fun July!


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