Jcrew Boucle Motorcycle Jacket and OOTD

This is the story of how I spent my entire November clothing budget (and then some) before November even began. The moment I saw the Jcrew Boucle Motorcycle Jacket in Jcrew last month while I was in Atlanta, I fell in love at first sight. The only problem was…it was $228. So I very reluctantly walked away, and spent a good part of the drive home to NC trying (and failing) to find a cheaper alternative online that I liked as much. But! The very next day Jcrew started a promotion for 25% off everything, bringing down the price of the jacket to around $170, which is reasonable for a coat. Maybe? The Jcrew Boucle Motorcycle Jacket is a black and white boucle lightweight, almost sweater-like, jacket that is slightly cropped. I love the zipper details (they’re on the sleeves too). It is a little itchy on bare skin, but not too bad, and I usually wear it over long sleeves anyway.

Jcrew Boucle motorcycle jacket

What I’m Wearing

Jcrew Boucle Motorcycle Jacket, Gap boys camo thermal via Goodwill/my mum (size XXL haha), Michael by Michael Kors Jet Set Crossbody, old Target leggings, Sam & Libby Fiddler boots via ThriftSmart in Nashville, Cole Haan Sunglasses

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