Apartment Living Room Makeover

My boyfriend and I live in a furnished apartment, which was super convenient to move into, but unfortunately means our furniture is pretty ugly. I decided to give the sitting area in our living room a quick mini-makeover, adding slipcovers and a couple of accessories. While it definitely looks like we put a (wrinkled) slipcover over an ugly sofa (…exactly what we did), I think it has really improved the overall look of our living room! I was especially surprised at what a difference adding a large lacquer tray makes (instead of a Glossybox lid)- it definitely helps make clutter look more organized and stylish.

BeforeSitting Area  in Living Room Apartment Makeover


Sitting Area in Living Room Apartment Makeover

Patterned cushion, $23.36
Blue cushion, $25.99
Cotton slipcover, $42.41
White lacquer tray, $39
Rug, $24

Jouer Lip Sheer SPF 15 in St. Barths Review

Jouer recently had a 50% off sale on their website if you signed up for their newsletter, so of course I picked up a couple of things, including their Lip Sheer SPF 15 in St. Barths. I love this “sheer, coral red” cross between a lipstick and lip balm. It is very moisturizing, a beautiful summery colour, and contains SPF 15- making it perfect for summer days at the pool or the beach, or just out and about. The colour St. Barths looks very bright, almost neon, in the tube but it really applies very sheer, as you can see from the swatch below. If you are looking for more colour impact this is probably not for you!

Jouer Lip Sheer SPF 15 in St. Barths

The biggest con I found for the Jouer Lip Sheer SPF 15 is that the colour only lasts around an hour and a half, though it fades away steadily, while keeping your lips moisturized. I found it also has a slight playdough-y scent, which is kind of strange but doesn’t really bother me. I think $22 is definitely pricey for this sheer lip tint, especially since it doesn’t last very long at all, but for $11 I’m pretty happy with it!

Jouer Lip Sheer SPF 15 in St. Barths

Unfortunately it looks like Jouer is no longer running their 50% off promotion, but I would definitely recommend checking them out if you haven’t already! They have a lot of fun, summery makeup (I love their Matte Moisture Tint), and I think it’s really cool that their website has a feature where you can see the makeup products on different skin tones.

Not pictured: the four mosquito bites I got while taking these photos.

Empties and Reviews August 2013

I was actually able to collect quite a few empties in the last few weeks. I swear I didn’t colour coordinate them on purpose…

Empties and Reviews August 2013

Empties, L-R

Josie Maran Argan Oil: I love this oil, but since it’s so expensive, I only use it around 2 nights a week after using a face mask. You only need a couple of drops for your whole face, so the 1.7 oz bottle lasted me around 8 months. I find it very moisturizing and soothing, especially after using drying face masks, and that my skin is soft and plump when I wake up in the morning after using this at night. At first I was scared to try an oil moisturizer since my skin is already so oily, and while I’m not sure if it has decreased my skin’s oiliness, it definitely hasn’t made it worse. The oil is very heavy and takes a long time to sink it, and therefore is not suited to morning use, but they did just release a light version meant for daytime use that I am looking forward to trying. I have already repurchased the smaller size of the regular version.

12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment: I have been using this leave-in conditioner on damp and dry hair for the last few months. I think it’s a pretty good leave-in conditioner, though I haven’t really noticed a big difference in the overall health of my hair long-term. It smells good and does seem help with frizz and softness day-to-day, and I’m going to continue using it since my mum already sent me another bottle (thanks mum!), but I’m not sure I would re-purchase otherwise.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me: Since finishing this lip balm, I have bought three more. Two more in Cherry Me, which has been out of stock 90% of the time I’ve looked for it at various convenience and grocery stores, so when I finally found it I picked up two. Cherry Me is somewhat moisturizing, has a strong cherry scent, and gives your lips a sheer bright pink tint that you don’t need a mirror to apply. The colour and moisturizing properties don’t last a super long time, but they’re like $3 each so I don’t really mind re-applying often. I’ve been keeping it in whatever bag I’m using that day and using it as my day go-to lip balm and lip colour. I also got Peach Kiss, which is also moisturizing and smells good, but has very little colour payoff.

Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate: I was pretty disappointed with this product, especially since I had read so many good reviews before ordering it. It wasn’t so bad that I didn’t finish it, but it took some effort! The colour was pretty and a perfect sheer coral-y pink, but instead of moisturizing I just found it sticky and overpriced. I will not be repurchasing.

Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner: This stuff smells amazing, and as far as drug store conditioners go is fairly moisturizing but a little on the expensive side. Especially since I use a ton of conditioner, the bottle did not last very long at all. I probably won’t repurchase, unless I just really feel the need to have coconut-scented conditioner one day (which is a definite possibility).

Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint in Hope: I really like Tarte’s LipSurgences, but I like the other varieties more than the matte version. This applies velvety smooth, lasts a few hours, and has a minty tingle from the peppermint oil in it, but I found it drying on my lips. Hope, described as a “warm rose”, is a pretty, dusty rose colour. I would choose the original or luster versions over the matte version in the future.

DIY Ombre Denim Shorts Tutorial

Ombre has been a big trend the last couple of years, from hair to nails and, especially this summer, to clothes. When I was home in Nashville last weekend, my sister Rosie and I decided to make some DIY ombre denim shorts. As I mentioned before, we were already planning on going to the local thrift shops, and while there we picked up some jeans for our project. It was an extremely easy, fun DIY using things that you probably have lying around your house already. Follow the tutorial below to make your own DIY ombre denim shorts!

What You Need

  • Old jeans (or shorts will be even easier!)
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Trash bags
  • Rubber gloves
  • Chlorine bleach (I used Publix regular bleach)
  • Two large bowls or buckets
  • Water
  • Laundry detergent

Ombre Shorts Tutorial

You can skip these first few steps if you are starting with shorts! Take your old jeans, and cut at an angle approximately mid-thigh, longer than how long you want the shorts. Put the jeans on, and with the marker draw a line on the jeans how long you want the shorts to be in the front. If you are planning on cuffing them later, make sure you leave the shorts a few inches longer to accommodate the cuff. Take them off, and cut up along the side seams and along that front line. Continue cutting around the leg, making the shorts 1-2 inches longer in the back. To make sure the other side is even, fold the shorts in half and cut the other side the same way to match.

Ombre Denim Shorts DIY

Lay out the trash bag in the area you are working in. Since you will be using bleach it would be best to do this outside, or if that isn’t possible, in a bathroom. Pour some bleach into one of the bowls, enough to dip in the shorts. Fill the other bowl with water and and a splash of laundry detergent. Put on the gloves, and dip the shorts into the bleach, up to the point you want the ombre effect to go. Make sure both sides of the shorts are being evenly bleached. Squeeze out the bleach, and lay the shorts out on the plastic bags for a few minutes. Repeat dipping the shorts.

Ombre Denim Shorts DIY

If you want to the ombre effect to end in more of a straight line, pour some of the bleach into the bleach bottle cap. Slowly pour the bleach out in a line at the top of the ombre effect, on both sides of the shorts. Let the bleach soak in for a few minutes. Then wash the shorts in the soapy water in the second bowl, and squeeze out. This will prevent the bleached area of the shorts from turning yellow.

Ombre Denim Shorts DIY

Leave the shorts to dry overnight, and throw them in the washer and dryer by themselves the next day. And you’re done! Now I just have to find a summer outdoor concert to wear these to…

Ombre Denim Shorts DIY

What’s On My Nails- Julep Something Blue

Julep Something Blue is a vivid, almost “Tiffany”-blue crème polish.  I thought it would be fun to wear for the last week of my current job since I probably shouldn’t start off the new job with bright blue nail polish! Like most Julep nail polishes, I found the formula to be a little thick and gloopy to apply, but very opaque. I applied two coats, as well as Bondi New York’s top coat I’m Vers, though I probably could have got away with just one.Julep Something Blue


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