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Stila Eyes Are the Window Soul Palette Review and Swatches

During Sephora‘s recent VIB sale, I decided to go for the Stila Eyes Are the Window Soul Palette, which I have been eyeing for a while. I have been looking for a versatile, neutral eye shadow palette made up of shades I would actually use. I wanted a palette that I would get a lot of wear out of both for day and night, and with a mixture of not-too-warm matte and shimmer shades. The Stila Eyes Are the Window Soul Palette is beautiful and definitely meets those requirements, and I can’t wait to create some different looks for it. I know I will get a ton of use out of this palette.

Stila Eyes Are The Window Soul Palette Review and Swatches

The rose gold and gold packaging is so pretty, and super sleek but sturdy feeling. The palette and twelve shadows are a good size, and I really like how the shadows themselves are spaced out. I hate when palettes have a ton of wasted empty space. It doesn’t come with a brush or any kind of applicator, but since the palette is so compact that is OK with me. The whole palette is a little smaller than my hand. The palette does include a really nice large mirror.

Stila Eyes Are The Window Soul Palette Review and SwatchesThe shadows are so pretty and perfect for creating a variety of neutral looks. I do wish the darker colours were a little more pigmented so they could be used to create a darker, smokier eye, but overall the shadow pigmentation is good and I like the shade range. I haven’t tried wetting the shadows yet, which would probably help with that. The shadows are also really smooth. The only colour I don’t see myself using a lot would be Light, as it just doesn’t really show up on my skin tone. I especially love the shimmer colours, including Stila cult fave Kitten which I didn’t own before. There are four versions of the Eyes Are the Window Palettes, and from reading reviews on Sephora, it seems some of the other versions are not as good as the Soul version. 
Stila Eyes Are The Window Soul Palette Review and Swatches

(L-R: Light, Individual, Being, Kitten, Affection, Character)

Stila Eyes Are The Window Soul Palette Review and Swatches

(L-R: Thought, Heart, Peace, Vitality, Substance, Essence)

Dr Jart Pore Minimalist Mask Review

Originating in Korea, sheet masks have become increasingly popular in the US over the last couple of years. They are one-time use masks made out of thin material in the shape of a face, coated in serum, that you place over your face and leave on for a given amount of time. I finally got around to trying one, going with the Dr Jart Pore Minimalist Mask that I received in my Birchbox sometime last year, and wanted to share my initial reaction to using a sheet mask for the first time. I strongly recommend you forewarn any roommates, partners, and pets that may be home while you are using this mask – it’s pretty terrifying. I’ll spare you the compromising photo. The Dr Jart Pore Minimalist Mask is for oily skin, and includes Korean charcoal, spearmint extract, and arginine (apparently an amino acid) to clean and tighten your pores, and remove excess sebum.Dr Jart Pore Minimalist Mask Review

The mask didn’t stay on my face as well as I thought it would, as it was a little too big for my face. It wouldn’t stay in place around my chin and I kept having to smooth it down. It was also a lot more wet and slimy feeling than I was anticipating. I thought it would dry out and I would have to peel it off, but it stayed pretty wet even though I left it on for about 30 minutes. I wasn’t really a big fan of that, I like how typical face masks usually dry out and don’t feel excessively wet on your face. The material for the mask was a lot thicker and sturdier than I was expecting, I thought it was going to be pretty flimsy. I thought it was kind of strange that you’re not supposed to wash your face after using it, and instead massage in the serum leftover. After taking the mask off, my face felt a little sticky at first, but the serum did sink in more after about ten minutes. My skin was slightly red after first taking it off, but that also went away.

Dr Jart Pore Minimalis Mask Review

It definitely did make my pores look smaller, especially on my nose, but the result wasn’t super drastic. Each mask retails for $7.50 each (or $35 for a pack of 5), which is pretty pricey for a one-time use mask. It was an interesting experience, and I would be open to trying other sheet masks, but I probably wouldn’t buy this specific mask again based on the wetness and the results.


My Nail Polish Storage

After sharing my makeup storage system a couple of weeks ago, I felt motivated to also get my nail polish collection in order. I’ve always just kept my nail polishes jumbled in a shoe box or plastic bag, but I had been meaning to get a some sort of nail polish storage or display shelf for a while. Like with my makeup before I organized it, I was just using the same polishes over and over again.

My nail polish storage system

After clearing out my collection and getting rid of some nail polishes I’ve prooobably had since I high school, I purchased the US Acrylic Clear Multi-Level Nail Polish Organizer from Amazon for $13.99. It holds about 40 bottles of nail polishes, and is the perfect size for my current collection. There are a ton of different size options available on Amazon.

My nail polish storage system

Not only is it really easy to choose my next nail colour, it also looks pretty and makes me feel like I’m choosing nail polish at a nail salon! It’s also easy to see what colours I own and any holes my collection has. Having space for a limited number of bottles means I’m going to have to be more careful when adding new bottles to my collection, as it will need to be a 1-in-1-out situation since the shelves are already so full.

My nail polish storage system

Givenchy Le Rouge 201 Rose Taffetas Lipstick Review

And so commences the massive task of finding a lipstick to wear for my wedding next September (eek). I found a dress surprisingly fast. Nail polish is easy. But lipstick? I’m looking for something that’s not too pink but not too nude, not too subtle but not too bright. Long lasting but not drying. Not matte but not too shiny. So basically a lipstick unicorn. I tried searching around on Pinterest, but most wedding makeup pins are actually terrifying.

Givenchy Le Rouge 201 Rose Taffetas Review and Swatches

I really like the formula of Givenchy Le Rouge 301 Magnolia Organza, a bright pink lipstick I bought sometime last year ago, so I decided to start my hunt with another Le Rouge lipstick in a different colour. After much deliberation, I chose Givenchy Le Rouge 201 Rose Taffetas, which is described as a light pink coral.

Givenchy Le Rouge 201 Rose Taffetas Review and Swatches

The Le Rouge lipsticks are super creamy and opaque, extremely long lasting but not drying at all. The leather cases are heavy and feel very luxurious, so definitely wedding appropriate. Rose Taffetas is a little thicker feeling and shinier than Magnolia Organza, but I liked that in this case.

Givenchy Le Rouge 201 Rose Taffetas Review and Swatches

I really like the 201 Rose Taffetas colour a lot and have already worn it a lot. The colour does seem to look slightly different depending on the light, but I think in general might translate as a little too bright and warm toned on me for what I want to wear for my wedding. Any suggestions?

My Makeup Storage

I moved into a new apartment in June that is so cute, but teeny tiny. There is not a lot of storage space, so I had to get creative with my makeup storage since I have quite a lot of makeup. The main thing I wanted was it to be easily accessible. In my last apartment, besides some basics I used daily that I stored in the bathroom, my makeup was put away in drawers in my bedroom. I rarely went through them and pulled out different things to use.

Makeup Storage Ideas for bathroom

I hung up the Honey-Can-Do Over The Door Clear Shoe Organizer/Storage Rack, which has 24 clear pockets, on the back of my bathroom door, and divided my makeup into the categories below. Since implementing this storage system I have definitely used way more of my makeup and experimented with different items and looks. It makes it so easy to see all of my makeup and decide what to use when I’m getting ready.

Makeup Storage Ideas

Top to bottom, left to right: row one – cream blushes, liquid blushes, powder blushes, every day basics; row two – clear lip balms, tinted lip balms and lip pencils, lip glosses and liquid lipsticks, lipsticks; row three – primers and setting sprays, foundations, powders, highlighters and concealers; row four – eye liners, mascaras, cream eyeshadows and stick eyeshadows, eyeshadow palettes; row five – face masks, skin care x3; row six – samples x3, perfume.

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