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Givenchy Le Rouge 201 Rose Taffetas Lipstick Review

And so commences the massive task of finding a lipstick to wear for my wedding next September (eek). I found a dress surprisingly fast. Nail polish is easy. But lipstick? I’m looking for something that’s not too pink but not too nude, not too subtle but not too bright. Long lasting but not drying. Not matte but not too shiny. So basically a lipstick unicorn. I tried searching around on Pinterest, but most wedding makeup pins are actually terrifying.

Givenchy Le Rouge 201 Rose Taffetas Review and Swatches

I really like the formula of Givenchy Le Rouge 301 Magnolia Organza, a bright pink lipstick I bought sometime last year ago, so I decided to start my hunt with another Le Rouge lipstick in a different colour. After much deliberation, I chose Givenchy Le Rouge 201 Rose Taffetas, which is described as a light pink coral.

Givenchy Le Rouge 201 Rose Taffetas Review and Swatches

The Le Rouge lipsticks are super creamy and opaque, extremely long lasting but not drying at all. The leather cases are heavy and feel very luxurious, so definitely wedding appropriate. Rose Taffetas is a little thicker feeling and shinier than Magnolia Organza, but I liked that in this case.

Givenchy Le Rouge 201 Rose Taffetas Review and Swatches

I really like the 201 Rose Taffetas colour a lot and have already worn it a lot. The colour does seem to look slightly different depending on the light, but I think in general might translate as a little too bright and warm toned on me for what I want to wear for my wedding. Any suggestions?

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Review

Last weekend while in NYC for a bachelorette party, my friends and I stopped by the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in SoHo to design and make our own lipsticks. We booked an appointment ahead of time, which I definitely recommend doing if you’re planning on going as they get very busy and booked up. They were pretty annoyed that we only made the appointment for 5 people but actually had 6 people.

Bite Beauty Lip Lap Review Visit

The store itself was a lot smaller than I was expecting, but they have space to see about 3 people at the same time. You start off by explaining to one of the “Lip Lab Artists” what kind of colour and brightness you’re looking for, and the finish (the choices are crème, matte, sheer, and deluxe). They then mix a few pigments on a plastic sheet, and let you try on the colour. You can then give them feedback and they will adjust the colours until they get exactly what you’re looking for. I wanted a really bright, fuschia pink and I love how my lipstick colour turned out. Then you pick a scent/flavour to add from the choices of cherry, mint, citrus, vanilla, mango, violet, and superfruit, which you can mix and match. I chose vanilla! The store employees were not super friendly, but they were helpful and listened closely to what everyone was looking for, and let us squeeze in the extra person.

Bite Beauty Lip Lap Review VisitBite Beauty Lip Lap Review Visit

The lipsticks take a little while to set in the molds (their website says 10 minutes), so we left for about half an hour to browse the Birchbox store that’s just down the street.

Bite Beauty Lip Lap Review Visit

Here we are wearing the lipsticks we created! My lipstick is exactly the colour I was looking for, and the matte formula is very long lasting, though not very matte. It was definitely a fun experience and the perfect daytime bachelorette activity for a group of beauty lovers.

Bite Beauty Lip Lap Review Visit 4


Tarte Friends and Family Sale/Birthday Haul Part Two

The second part of my birthday Tarte haul (read Part One here) was two Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12 Hour Lipsticks. These came out a couple of years ago, but it looks like Tarte has discontinued them as they were on sale for $11 (over 60% off!), and aren’t on their website anymore. There are still a few colours available some places, including Sephora for $16 (hurry!) and Macy’s, but I will try and keep the gushing to a minimum. Seriously, these may just be the best lipsticks I have ever tried, and I would highly recommend picking all of them one up before they are no longer available!

Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12 Hour Lipsticks

Like the amazonian clay blushes and full coverage foundation, which I also adore, the Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12 Hour Lipsticks are infused with clay to make them longer lasting. They are super pigmented, opaque, and bright – the swatches below are one swipe – and the colour lasts for HOURS. Like 6-8 hours looking exactly like it did when you first applied it, and another few hours as a stain. I was actually shocked at how long they lasted. The formula is so creamy, and applies with a slightly glossy finish. They are no where near as drying as other long lasting lipsticks.

Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12 Hour Lipsticks

I got the shade Foxy (left), a bright fuchsia pink, and Timeless (right), a coral-red Aqualillies for Tarte limited edition colour that was released in 2013. Timeless is definitely out of my comfort zone when it comes to lipsticks as it is more warm toned, but I’ve been liking it a lot! The only negative is that the tubes, while pretty, are a lot longer than regular lipsticks and take up a lot of space in my bag…also that apparently they are discontinued now.

So why are you still reading this and not placing your order??

Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick Review in Watermelon

Happy first day of spring! In celebration, today I wore the perfect spring pink lipstick – Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Watermelon. The shade Watermelon is a fun, very pigmented, bright pink with a pretty shiny finish. The packaging is adorable and covered in pretty spring-y flowers, but it’s made of cardboard so it isn’t the sturdiest tube ever, and it seems like it would get dirty easily if you tossed it into a bag or something.

Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick Review and Swatch in Watermelon

The formula is very smooth and creamy and glides on perfectly, and although it contains cupuacu butter, murumuru butter, and shea butter, I don’t find it all that moisturizing. It definitely is not drying though. The colour doesn’t last a long time at all but the tube is so cute and the colour is so pretty I don’t really care!

Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick Review and Swatch in Watermelon

Nars Dolce Vita Lipstick Review and Swatches

The classic Nars Dolce Vita lipstick was included in my fall beauty wishlist last month, and I finally gave in and purchased it! It is a lovely muted dusty rose/slightly red colour that goes on sheer and glossy, but can be somewhat built up.

Nars Dolce Vita Lipstick and Swatches

Top: 2 layers; bottom: 1 layer

It is not at all drying and very smooth to apply. I do wish it was a little more opaque than it is, and that it lasted longer, as the colour only lasts a couple of hours. Since buying Nars Dolce Vita lipstick, I’ve been reaching for it almost every day, as it’s a great neutral “my lips but better” lipstick for fall (or all year!), and has been a nice change from the brighter pinks I usually wear.

Nars Dolce Vita Lipstick Review and Swatches

(My real camera is broken :( )

Also wearing: Stila Convertible Colour Trio Warm and this eyemakup combination.

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