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Dr Jart Pore Minimalist Mask Review

Originating in Korea, sheet masks have become increasingly popular in the US over the last couple of years. They are one-time use masks made out of thin material in the shape of a face, coated in serum, that you place over your face and leave on for a given amount of time. I finally got around to trying one, going with the Dr Jart Pore Minimalist Mask that I received in my Birchbox sometime last year, and wanted to share my initial reaction to using a sheet mask for the first time. I strongly recommend you forewarn any roommates, partners, and pets that may be home while you are using this mask – it’s pretty terrifying. I’ll spare you the compromising photo. The Dr Jart Pore Minimalist Mask is for oily skin, and includes Korean charcoal, spearmint extract, and arginine (apparently an amino acid) to clean and tighten your pores, and remove excess sebum.Dr Jart Pore Minimalist Mask Review

The mask didn’t stay on my face as well as I thought it would, as it was a little too big for my face. It wouldn’t stay in place around my chin and I kept having to smooth it down. It was also a lot more wet and slimy feeling than I was anticipating. I thought it would dry out and I would have to peel it off, but it stayed pretty wet even though I left it on for about 30 minutes. I wasn’t really a big fan of that, I like how typical face masks usually dry out and don’t feel excessively wet on your face. The material for the mask was a lot thicker and sturdier than I was expecting, I thought it was going to be pretty flimsy. I thought it was kind of strange that you’re not supposed to wash your face after using it, and instead massage in the serum leftover. After taking the mask off, my face felt a little sticky at first, but the serum did sink in more after about ten minutes. My skin was slightly red after first taking it off, but that also went away.

Dr Jart Pore Minimalis Mask Review

It definitely did make my pores look smaller, especially on my nose, but the result wasn’t super drastic. Each mask retails for $7.50 each (or $35 for a pack of 5), which is pretty pricey for a one-time use mask. It was an interesting experience, and I would be open to trying other sheet masks, but I probably wouldn’t buy this specific mask again based on the wetness and the results.